Working with Health Professionals

Choosing a career in the helping professions is a rewarding and meaningful pathway for many. The opportunity for genuinely helping people and making a difference is probably what drew you to this pathway and keeps you going. But what else helps to sustain you?

How do you continually grow, develop, and achieve your career goals?

How do you protect yourself from compassion fatigue, burn-out and stress?

Let us support you through high quality clinical supervision and/or professional coaching services.

Clinical Supervision and Coaching Services

Regardless of the stage of your professional journey – early career to high-flying professional – quality clinical supervision and/or professional coaching can help!

GDI Consulting provides evidence-informed, professional clinical supervision and coaching services to a range of health professionals, including social workers, psychologists, counsellors, project officers, and case workers. We believe that having a safe, supportive, and validating environment to explore your career goals, overcome challenges, and build your knowledge and skills, should be a basic right available to all professionals working in the health and community sectors.

Our clinical supervisor, Tamara Laing, is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who has completed specialised training in providing clinical supervision. She has a depth of knowledge in providing therapeutic counselling services and has cultivated her expertise in providing coaching for leadership, people management, and other career goals.

Tamara has worked in both Government and For-Purpose Organisations and understands the nature of working in services with competing priorities, high caseloads, challenging personalities, and systems that can create barriers or challenges for professionals and the people they work with.

Tamara acknowledges that effective supervision and coaching must be underpinned by a strong working alliance and trusted relationship. Therefore, she focuses on creating a respectful and compassionate environment that encourages safety and growth, leading to a professionally enriching experience.

To discuss your learning and professional development goals, please reach out to speak with us.

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